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Where to Feast on Fish and Chips

This week marks two things: the beginning of Lent and (on a related note) the start of fish and chip season! Whether you’re devoutly religious or not, everyone can enjoy a good plate of this seafood classic. Here are six places to get your fix:

Ye Olde Fish and Chips

Courtesy of Ye Olde Fish and Chip’s Facebook

One of the oldest chip shops in the state, Ye Olde Fish and Chips has been around for five generations, and their spectacular batter recipe has remained unchanged. This Woonsocket favorite was founded in the 20s by Yorkshire natives Harry and Ethel Sowden. You’re not going to get any more authentic than this!

Scituate Fire Department

Courtesy of Scituate Fire Department’s Facebook

Otherwise devoted to quelling uncontrolled fires in all forms, come Lent, the Scituate Fire Department also plays host to a fish and chips fundraiser every Friday. Sit in the station while you wait for your meal to be fried up, and admire the blaze-fighting gear lining the walls.

Buttonwoods 416

Courtesy of Buttonwoods 416’s Facebook

They may offer breakfast, but it’s the seafood that really stands out. Whether you try the fish sandwich, the fried smelts or the seafood platter, you’re going to taste the best that the ocean has to offer. With a light, subtle batter and a perfectly cooked fish fillet, F n’ C never tasted so good.

Stadium Fish and Chips

Courtesy of Stadium Fish and Chip’s Facebook

You can get all your seafood staples at Stadium Fish and Chips, from lobster rolls to bay scallops. Wondering about the name? They’re located behind Stebbins Stadium, which is home to several athletic fields and high school sports teams. Grab a bite to eat after a game.

Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House

Courtesy of Iggy’s Facebook

We all knew this seafood paragon did chowdah and clam cakes (and doughboys for dessert of course), but it also cooks up some mean fish and chips. Enjoy your meal near Oakland Beach if you visit the Warwick location, or experience their new and improved Narragansett location, just a stone’s throw from the ocean.

Amaral’s Fish and Chips

Courtesy of Amaral’s Fish and Chip’s Facebook

You’re going to find some great fish and chips at Amaral’s, but they also have a sizable selection of Portuguese inspired dishes. The Portuguese sweet bread, which is served Wednesday through Friday, is in such high demand that customers may want to reserve theirs ahead of time. Also try their chourico grinder or acclaimed stuffies.

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Strolling Down Main Street: A Day in East Greenwich

With the warm days of spring almost upon us, why not head to waterfront East Greenwich and bask in the sun, shop around and enjoy some great meals. We’ve outlined the perfect day along the town’s Main Street.

Dante’s Kitchen

Courtesy of Dante’s Kitchen’s Facebook

You can’t beat a Southern breakfast, so why not have a bite at Dante’s Kitchen to begin your day. Looking for something hearty? Go for the pulled pork hash — with slow-roasted pulled pork served over home fries, poached eggs and buttermilk biscuits, you can’t go wrong. Want something lighter? The harvest veggie fritter with pecan sauce and dressed greens is a great option.

East Greenwich Free Library

Courtesy of East Greenwich Free Library’s Facebook

What better way to digest breakfast than with a good book? Head to the East Greenwich Free Library to pick up some great reads. Up the hill from Dante’s (so you’ll burn off some recently consumed calories), this stone edifice is worth the mini hike. When you arrive, the narrow windows, arched doorways and stony grandeur of the building may make it look like something out of the Middle Ages, but the interior is quite modern (don’t worry, no violent knights here).

Main Street Coffee

Courtesy of Main Street Coffee’s Facebook

Is it already time to eat again? Have lunch at Main Street Coffee, an East Greenwich staple. Inspired by the cafe-bars of Europe, where coffee, alcohol and homey meals are served together, Main Street Coffee offers food and coffee concoctions at one bar and cocktails and wine at the attached Toscana Lounge.  From a light spring salad and espresso to the hearty Italian panini and thin mint martini, they’ve got something for every appetite.

Troll Shop

Courtesy of Troll Shop’s Facebook

If you’re feeling a bit goofy from a couple of lunchtime drinks, engage your silly side by visiting the Troll Shop. The name does not deceive — this shop sells a variety of troll figurines, images, dolls and more to fans of the mythological critter. There’s also a whole lot more for sale if you have more conventional tastes, from charming jewelry to fashionable decor.


Courtesy of Rasa’s Facebook

Drop your newfound collection of troll paraphernalia off at the car before heading out to dinner. Just down the street, pop into Rasa, one of the state’s best Indian restaurants. Enjoy some tandoori chicken or lamb keema mattar. If you’re a vegetarian (or you’re not in the mood for meat), they have plenty of options, from roasted eggplant to artichoke, pineapple and veggie korma.

Greenwich Odeum

Courtesy of the Odeum’s Facebook

After a delicious meal, watch a show at the Greenwich Odeum. This historic building was built in 1926 as a vaudeville theater; it was closed several times in its almost century-long history but is now a thriving performance space. It hosts a variety of shows from stand-up comedians to high-energy concerts.

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Where to Celebrate National Pizza Day

by Chelsea Carney

Pizza is probably one of the greatest things to ever come out of human history. Well, maybe automatic car starters beat it, but pizza comes in a very close second. There are so many different varieties, you’ll get a different experience no matter where you order in from! Pizza makes for a great meal anytime, whether it’s just for lunch or for a holiday. And speaking of holidays…yesterday was National Pizza Day! It’s basically the best day of the year. If you were snowed in yesterday, you can finally head out and find a slice of cheesy goodness.

So in honor of this wonderful day, here are five pizzerias that serve five different kinds of pies; no matter what your favorite style is, you’ll be able to go chow down on a slice today.

Neapolitan – Providence Coal Fired Pizza

Courtesy of Providence Coal Fired Pizza’s Facebook

Neapolitan is a classic, and boy, is this place good. Providence Coal Fired Pizza has a ton of specials that make you want to come back every day, like their Margherita Mondays, where you get a Margherita pizza for half price and a $3 margarita cocktail. How can you beat that? 385 Westminster St., Providence, 401-454-7499; 6105 Post Rd., North Kingstown, 401-885-7499,

Chicago Deep Dish – Sicilia’s

Courtesy of Sicilia’s Facebook

One word: HUGE. Their Meat Lover’s is stuffed with sausage, pepperoni, beef and bacon: this place does it right. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this dish. Even though the large is only eight slices, it can serve up to five people because it’s so overloaded with toppings. 181 Atwells Ave., Providence, 401-273-9222,

Thin Crust – The Pizza Gourmet

Courtesy of the Pizza Gourmet’s Facebook

Thin crust pizzas are perfect if you want a crunch with every single bite. Pizza Gourmet, like a handful of other restaurants in Providence, grills its pizzas in a wood-fired oven. But what makes it unique is that you can customize your pizza anyway you like. Or if you’re feeling like spending a lazy night in, you can order a “take and bake,”pizza that their chefs prepare and you cook at home. 357 Hope St., Providence, 401-751-0355,

 Bakery – DePetrillo’s Pizza and Bakery

Courtesy of DePetrillo’s Facebook

If you’re a local, you’ll know exactly what this is. Bakery pizza was probably at every birthday party you’ve ever gone to; we all remember fighting over the corner pieces. Well, the good news is that DePetrillo’s always has personal strips of party pizza available, so if you run out, you can go to one of their five locations for more! 1727 Warwick Ave., Warwick, 401-732-3331, visit for other locations.

New York Style – Nice Slice

Courtesy of Nice Slice’s Facebook

For those who like to fold their slices in half, this is the place for you. Nice Slice offers a variety of pizza choices. You can get a large pizza, or you can just stop in for a slice. From a slice of regular cheese to one of their specialty slices, like the Earth Crisis (spinach, tomatoes, and artichoke heart tomato sauce), the possibilities are endless. 267 Thayer St., Providence, 401- 453-6423,

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5 Weird Groundhog Facts

The Rhode Island DEM has a number of info packs on various local wildlife including…. the Groundhog! That’s right, today is Groundhog Day, and many of you local gardeners and farmers know this critter well. Agricultural destruction aside, we might be feeling some animosity towards this rodent for predicting six more weeks of winter. But it’s hard to stay mad in the face of these quirky, endearing facts.

A groundhog by any other name…


Although we might call them a groundhog, they’ve got a bunch of other names, including marmot, woodchuck or, my favorite, whistlepig.

They hate flowers


Okay, maybe not all flowers, but apparently groundhogs hate marigolds. If you’re trying to discourage them from rummaging through your garden, a few flowerbeds might do the trick.

They don’t stay in the ground


Apparently groundhogs don’t entirely live up to their names. They are great diggers, but they’re also good at swimming and climbing. As of yet, there’s no evidence that they can operate bicycles, so they still won’t beat you in your next triathlon.

Groundhogs have roommates


Although usually solitary creatures, groundhogs have been known to share burrows with other animals, such as raccoons. Even the sloppiest human roommate would probably be preferable to one of the groundhog’s confirmed cohabitants–the skunk.

They are only distantly related to pigs


Unsurprising to most of you (hopefully), groundhogs are not really a subspecies of pigs. They are actually the largest creature in the squirrel family despite lacking the bushy tail. We’ll continue to scratch our heads over why people name rodents after porkers (I’m looking at you Guinea pig and hamster).


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A Bunch of RI Christmas Cards You Didn’t Know You Needed

These are the Rhode Island holiday/Christmas cards you didn't know needed, and there's one for everyone on your list.

For your jovial aunt who used to live in RI but who now lives in Florida and who doesn't understand sarcasm:
(because you don't want to send her the same "You Suck, Merry Christmas" card that you send your bff who gets it. Your aunt will just cry.)









Buy them here, herehere and here

For your friend who is geographically challenged: ("Wait, Chariho  isn't an actual town that's north of Scituate?")


Buy here and here.

For that one person you know who revels in their weirdness: (There's always at least one). Ed. Note: Not all ABOUT RI, but all the cards are made in RI. 

il_570xn-1031805814_cpcw    il_570xn-1061751900_80r1       il_570xn-819142392_1wfq

Buy here, here and here

For your grumpy uncle or friend who is a bit of a Scrooge/Grinch but secretly, deep down in the recesses of their soul, loves the holidays: (While they nurse their whiskey on the rocks by themselves near a blazing fire, they begrudgingly mutter, 'God bless us, everyone.')

il_570xn-882855956_jw18    best-of-luck-this-holiday-season-card   il_570xn-880890600_5jis

here, here and  here

And finally, just some genuinely cute, pretty cards: (In honor of all that's normal and right with the world)

have-yourself-a-merry-little-christmas-card  merry-christmas-card  spread-some-cheer-card

Get them, and more, here.


All photos courtesy of the retailers' websites.

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 8

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Long Live Beerworks

The new kid on the block, Long Live Beerworks has clever beers that are shaking things up. The brews are the creations of head brewer Armando DeDona and the colorful beer labels are designed by his wife, Jessica DeBry.

From the mouth of the brewer, Armando DeDona:

Black Cat, our hoppy pale ale, is our most popular brew to date. It pairs well with duck confit fries from The Slow Rhode. The citrusy, bright flavor of the beer contrasts nicely with the richness of the duck confit. At home, I pair Black Cat with grilled barbecue chicken tacos. The bright citrus of the hops cuts through the sweet barbecue sauce nicely and complements the experience of grilling outdoors (in warmer weather, of course).

Tastings: Wed. and Thu., 4–9 p.m., Fri. 4-10 p.m., Sat., 1–8 p.m. and Sun. 12-4 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Long Live Beerworks' Facebook

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Escaping the Election: 4 Places to Visit


Whether you've already cast your ballot or you're abstaining from voting entirely (we don't blame you), most people are pretty tired of this election cycle. As the country selects our glorious leader for the next four years, hide out from the political frenzy at one of these prime locations.


Courtesy of Snake Den's Facebok

Snake Den

If you'd like to follow in Thoreau's footsteps and escape to nature, Snake Den is the perfect place. With over a thousand acres of undeveloped forest to explore, you could probably spend the next four years wandering the woods. There's a range of terrain from relatively flat to hilly. If you feel like working off election anxiety, make the climb up to the high trail and bask in the glory of nature from the many scenic overlooks.

2321 Hartford Ave., Johnston,


Courtesy of Eddy Bar's Facebook

The Eddy

It may not be terribly original, but a bit of imbibing can help you forget just about anything, and the Eddy has some of the best drinks around. With warm and fuzzy cocktail names like Bees on Bees on Knees (it tastes great too!), politics should be the last thing on your mind. If mixed drinks aren't your thing, they've got a good selection of craft brews that should do the trick. The best part about the Eddy? There's no TV, so you can drink with your disaffected comrades in peace.

95 Eddy St., Providence, 831-3339,


Courtesy of East Greenwich Library's Facebook

East Greenwich Public Library

There's no better way to forget about the current political imbroglio than by settling down with a good book. Whether it's a cheap thriller or a classic (Machiavelli's The Prince maybe?) there are plenty of books to choose from. The cozy interior of the library, with its rough-hewn stone and dark wood paneling, will make you think you're nestled away in an Old World manor, far removed from American politics.

82 Pierce St., East Greenwich, 884-9510


Courtesy of Roger Williams Botanical Garden's Facebook

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

If it's too cold for an outdoor adventure, you can still get your nature fix by heading to the Roger Williams Botanical Center. It has more than 12,000 square feet of indoor gardens in its toasty-warm greenhouses. With over 150 varieties of flowers, trees, cacti, and tropical plants, there should be plenty to see. The only heated arguments you'll hear will be over which is the most beautiful plant (Only Trumpet flowers will make the garden great again!).

1000 Elmwood Ave., Providence,, 785-9450

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 7

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Grey Sail

Grey Sail Brewing has a committed crew of brewers, “yeast wranglers” and beer aficionados. Their brews range from a classic Pale Ale, The Flying Jenny, to their award winning Flagship Cream Ale. No strangers to getting funky, they also carry an array of seasonal and small-batch brews like their Mary Ann’s Ginger spice ale.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Jennifer Brinton:

Captain’s Daughter Double IPA is our most popular beer. Our pairing would be any seafood dish, especially one with a little spice to it.

Tours and Tastings: Thu. and Fri. from 4–7 p.m., Sat. and Sun. from 1–5 p.m. A pint glass and tasting is $5 per person. Tours are informal.

Photos courtesy of Grey Sail's Facebook
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Nine Weird Facts About Oysters


Oysters are weird if you think about it. These rather unsightly gelatinous mollusks are all the rage, as evidence by the plethora of quality, local oyster farms that are popping up like, well, oysters. After slurping down oysters to our hearts content at the Walrus and the Carpenter‘s recent oyster release party, we couldn’t help but investigate these bivalves, and when we did, we found out some weird stuff:

1.Oysters from the northeast are often brinier compared to their pacific northwest cousins, who possess a more mineral taste.

2.How pearls are made: A bit of sand or shell makes its way into the vulnerable oyster, who then deploys its pearl-making powers (i.e. ‘nacre’ fluid) as a method of self-defense on the hapless grit. The result:


3.Oysters filter over 1 gallon of water in an hour.

4.Their blood is colorless.


5.In the early 19th century, oysters were cheap and mainly eaten by the working class. Go figure.


6.If they are uncooked, you are eating a LIVING, pumping, digesting oyster.


7. Oysters taste better in the winter (just remember the months ending in ‘r’ rule). They spawn in the summer months, which makes them flimsy and watery.

8. Oyster juice (you know, that salty water that pools above your jiggling mollusk) is actually called oyster liquor. Fancy.


9. Though often listed with chocolate in the category of aphrodisiacs to eat on Valentines Day, there is no concrete proof that they will, ah, help you. But hey, if it makes you feel better about guzzling them down, go for it.


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4 Things in RI We Are Excited About This October

1.Three words. Tom’s Bao Bao.

bbqporkbun-21998cadYes, my darlings, the time has come for Tom’s to finally open its doors and serve up steaming buns packed with yummy fillings like curried beef and lobster. We’ll race you to it’s opening on Saturday, October 15 at 10 a.m. Tom’s Bao Bao, 326 Westminster St., Providence. 


2. Haunted everything. 

Courtesy of Factory of Terror Facebook

Courtesy of Factory of Terror Facebook

It’s that wonderful time of year when you have the perfect excuse to cuddle up to a date–it’s the season of haunted everything! From factories of terror to haunted hayrides, trails and mazes, grab your sweetheart and be prepared to clutch their arm in terror.

Here are a few to get your heart pounding:
-Highland Farm’s Trails to Terror,  4235 Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield,
-Field of Screams, 179 Plain Meeting House Rd, West Greenwich,
Factory of Terror, 3 Bridal Ave, West Warwick,

3. Collegiate sports.

Courtesy of Brown Athletic's Facebook

Courtesy of Brown Athletics website

Ah, there’s nothing like decking out in your team’s colors, a hot chocolate clutched in your chilled hands, as you watch college athletes duke it out on the pitch, field or river. Whether you enjoy the sport, the atmosphere, or the athletes in action (the Brown men’s crew is always a sight for sore eyes as they cruise down the Seekonk– we speak from the biased perspective of a 23-year old female), it’s a lovely outing and excuse to re-live your collegiate-days-past.
Some local uni’s with sports to watch:
Brown, URI, RWU, Providence College 

4. Fall beer.

Courtesy of Foolproof Brewery Facebook

Courtesy of Foolproof Brewery Facebook

I don’t know what it is about October and beer, but it’s like they were destined to be synonymous. There’s Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest brews, and of course, the ever controversial pumpkin beer. Why not tap into your wild side (see what we did there? hah!) and try some pumpkin brews, Oktober brews, heck, the plethora of brews from local breweries that keep popping up like candy corn in office bowls before Halloween.

Here are a few local places (and fall-ish brews) to get you started:
Crooked CurrentPlunderdome Pumpkin Maple Ale
Whaler’s Brewing: Hazelnut Stout
]Tilted Barn: jack. Pumpkin Ale

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