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21 Questions: Rhode Island Edition


21 questions is the classic way to get to know someone, so we thought why not use it to get to know Rhode Island?  Tag us on Twitter @InsidersGuideRI with questions of your own!

by Grace Kelly

Photo Credit 2013 Mitch McArter, New Harvest

Photo Credit 2013 Mitch McArter, New Harvest

1. Where’s the best place to grab a coffee?

Rhode Island has a lot of coffee shops which makes choosing one a tough preposition. One local favorite is New Harvest, who not only makes a quality cuppa, but who also have a few tricks up their sleeve.  When dusk falls they break out the liquor for an array of spiked coffee drinks and often have events including barista training, coffee tastings and latte art throwdowns.

2. Where’s the best place for architecture enthusiasts? 

Photo via Louis Oliveira on Flickr

Photo via Louis Oliveira on Flickr

Downtown has a small array of skyscrapers, but the real architectural jewels sit on college hill, bleeding into Providence’s East Side. Walk down Benefit Street for a glance at traditional colonial architecture, or wander onto Brown’s campus for Greco-Roman inspired facades. And keep your eyes peeled left for a fleeting glimpse of the Old Stone Bank’s gorgeous green glass and gold gilded dome.


3. Where’s the best hidden dive bar?

Photo by Apavlo at English Wikipedia

Photo by Apavlo at English Wikipedia

Finding a good dive bar is a great way to get to know the locals. While you may drive by many that may seem to fit the bill, we suggest diving (pun fully intended) a bit further into obscurity. In the bowels of the Graduate Center Complex at Brown University sits the Grad Center Bar. Completely unpretentious, the GCB serves up affordable, quality beers with many branding it as the “best bar in Providence.” While Brown and RISD students get in for free, visitors will have to pay a small entrance fee or purchase a yearly membership–worth it when you can get good brews and cocktails for five bucks.


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