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5 Things To Do on a Rainy Day

We need the rain, yes, but what’s a person to do when the entire week is forecast to be wet and dreary? Here are five alternative, trendy, mildly hipster activities to make your rainy day SO AWESOME that you’ll be like

  1. Get cozy with a good book a the Providence Athenaeum. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to bury your nose in a book, and what better place to do it than this creaky, cozy, filled-with-nooks-and-crannies library? Oh, and leashed dogs are allowed—talk later, we are driving over now.
  2. Get a coffee at a cool, local coffee shop. Yes, this isn’t a particularly earth-shattering idea, but hey, we will put the bug in your ear just in case. Some of our favorite places for a quality cuppa include Dave’s Coffee (yummy honey latte), Seven Stars (coffee+butter-laden pastry= the only way we will leave is if you scrape us off our seat like a particularly stubborn bit of queso that leaked out the side of a grilled cheese), and Vanuatu Coffee Roasters (exotic coffee, friendly owners, win-win).
  3. Get cultured at the RISD Museum. Ah, the good ‘ol RISD museum. Perfect for first dates, philosophical conversations and duh, rainy days. Don’t miss the giant Buddha (so peaceful, so tranquil) and the splattered canvases in the contemporary section. Who says rainy days are for sleeping? STIMULATE YOUR MIND!
  4. Climb a rock. And we mean indoors, at Rock Spot Climbing in Lincoln and Peacedale. Not only do they have climbs for all levels of climbers (ranging from soft-palmed newbies to calloused, badass experts), but they also have college and military discounts.
  5. Tour a brewery. If you didn’t already know, we have tons of local breweries here in Rhode Island. From the South County based Whaler’s and Proclamation Ale, to Long Live Beerworks in Providence, and a smattering of others in Pawtucket and Woonsocket, the choices are endless. Plus, brewers are generally a jovial bunch and what better way to spend a rainy day than sipping cool brews and talking about beer with the people who make it?

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