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Brickley’s Ice Cream

A Rhode Island tradition for ice cream

By Allie Herrera

What makes for the perfect ice cream? Is it the presence of rich chocolate with every bite you take? How about the crispy and crunchy sound of a waffle cone as you bite down? Or is it scoops so big, your hands can’t help but come in contact with the soft ice cream melting?

When I first moved to Rhode Island three years ago, I wanted to experience the people, the culture and most importantly the ice cream! My friends had been eagerly awaiting the opening of an ice cream shop in town. They had been counting down the days until finally on a Friday afternoon, it was time. We took a drive down to Narragansett and were greeted by an array of families and a big green sign that read, “Brickley’s Ice Cream.”

The closer I got to the door, the closer I was to the mouthwatering smell of freshly made waffle cones. I stepped foot into one of Rhode Island’s deadliest locations for a sweet tooth and there was no chance I was leaving empty handed.

Being a chocolate lover, my eyes immediately found the Oreo flavor listed on their menu. It was then that I noticed the chocolate brownie flavor listed beside it. What was I going to do now? Well, there was only one thing to do and that was order a scoop of each. Believe me; I didn’t want to indulge too much, but I simply had no other choice.

As I bit into the soft and creamy mound of ice cream, I could sense my taste buds enjoying every bite. The abundance of brownie chunks and Oreo bits made for a beautiful site. Not a single space between each scoop of ice cream lay empty. There was (chocolatey?) goodness everywhere I looked!

I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. Brickley’s ice cream scoops are nestled in a warm and cozy shell waiting to be enjoyed. I’m talking about their famous freshly made waffle cones. You can’t find another cone like this in Rhode Island. With every bite I took, I could remember every ice cream I had and realized that nothing would ever compare to that very moment (dramatic, but true).

Their menu also includes some fruity flavors like blueberry, grapefruit, orange pineapple and peach — perfect for those hot summer days. They didn’t forget about healthy eaters, either. Brickley’s offers vanilla, coffee, maple nut and pistachio flavored ice cream with no added sugar. Bet you haven’t made decisions this hard since you last ordered ice cream out of an ice cream truck when you were a kid.

Brickley’s Ice Cream, 322 Main St., Wakefield, 401-789-1784; 921 Boston Neck Rd., Narragansett, Boston Neck Rd., 401-789-1784,

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  1. Romina Wallace

    Very well written! A very persuasive article! if I ever visit Rhode Island be sure I won’t leave without indulging myself with a delicious ice cream from Brickley’s.


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