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Cozy places in RI to hit up this winter

Visit these places to cure winter-recluse- couch-comatose- syndrome (WRCCS)

by Grace Kelly

As winter brings dropping temperatures, it’s easy to put yourself into voluntary hibernation. After popping on the footie pajamas, stirring the hot chocolate and sinking into the couch for a much-anticipated “Netflix n’ chill” sesh, the last thing you want to do is leave the house.

But what if there was a way to tempt you to brave the 30 second walk to your car to high-tail it to a land of coziness on par with your chill sesh, but without making you a social recluse?

Here are some local digs to snuggle up in, read a book, pop in earbuds and pop on the Netflix, or to simply act as social therapy for winter-recluse -couch-comatose- syndrome (also known as WRCCS). These are listed in order of social interaction and “Netflix n’ chill” detox level.

Minimum social effort: Requires low-levels of social interaction. Perfect for recovering Netflix Premium Plan holders.

  1.  Benefit Juice Bar and Cafe: Chug hot chocolate here,  specifically their spicy Mexican hot chocolate– it’s divine. Curl up with a cup  and unabashedly binge watch Gilmore Girls in this low-key environment. No shame.
  1. Better Off: The ultimate cozy detox location for the tech addict. Not only is Better Off designed to give you a break from technology and its assorted doodads and gadgets, it has a variety of events and activities to distract you. Fulfill your hipster fantasy of typing an ode to beards on an actual typewriter (it’s a judgment-free zone here), or sip coffee and unleash your inner artist with the art supplies on hand.

Mid-level social effort: Requires some interaction and small talk. Perfect for the WRCCS sufferer who tepidly stepped out of their house, but brightened on the drive.

  1. The Providence Public Library: This is the perfect place to get lost in the shelves and read up on your latest fascination. But there’s more than just books to garner your attention–if you want to discuss the latest bestseller, watch a movie (and not be a winter social recluse while doing so), or learn to play the drums, the PPL is the place to be. Not to mention it’s all free. If you partake in any of the aforementioned activities, you will have to muster up your social skills. Just sayin’.
  2. The RISD Museum: While you can’t curl up in a corner and call yourself an artwork, the RISD museum is a great mid-level step for treating WRCCS. As you wander the varied and changing collection, your brain-wave levels will increase and you might even have a philosophical question pop up. While intense interaction levels are low, you never know when some wandering art historian may see you quizzically staring at a sculpture and offer to unravel its mysteries.


Highest-level social effort: You probably will have to talk to someone, even if it’s only the cashier. For the WRCCS sufferer who is serious about making a change.

  1. Seven Stars Bakery: For the brave hibernator willing to break the ice on more than just their car windshields, Seven Stars is the ultimate cozy place to order a cappuccino and baked good (close your eyes and pick one— there’s no disappointment here).  It’s also a  hoppin’ place, making it the perfect opportunity to meet a new friend. Start with the person eyeing your croissant, or the Seven Stars newbie with a glazed look in their eyes as they try to decide which lump of buttery goodness to order.
  2. The Eddy Bar: Have a drink at the Eddy Bar. Not only will you feel tempted to call a friend to join you (after all, who likes getting cocktails alone?) but the small space, limited seating and jovial cocktail-sipping going on will definitely pull you into a conversation. If all else fails, order the Blazing Saddle— you’ll open up fast. 


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