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Pizza at the Bike Stop Cafe

Great pizza at a homey Narragansett locale

By Allie Herrera

Based off my personal experiences, there are three things in life that can easily lead to a fun night out – good company, great drinks and some delicious pizza. The Bike Stop Cafe in Narragansett offers just that.

If there’s one thing that never disappoints me about Rhode Island, is the feeling I get when I enter most local restaurants. From the moment I stepped into the Bike Stop Cafe, I felt welcomed. Their cozy booths and personable staff made it easy for me and my friends to get comfortable from the start.

Being from Connecticut, just about an hour away from New York City, I know a good pizza when I see it. From the perfect amount of cheese-to-sauce ratio to the right number of toppings distributed on top of the pie. I’ve had my fair share of pizza delicacies. My standards are high and let me tell you, the Bike Stop did not disappoint.

As I looked through their menu, I couldn’t help but be instantly drawn to their pizza selection. The diversity of these pizza toppings was unlike anything I had ever experienced in Rhode Island. Toppings ranged from plain cheese to barbeque pulled pork and even a specialty lobster pie.

I decided to order “The Common Man” pizza and knew I was in for a treat. All I could think about was the barbeque slow cooked pulled pork covering the melted mozzarella cheese as it lay across a perfectly cooked pizza crust. The slaw would top the pie forming a perfect display of sweet and salty goodness. I have only dreamt of pizza toppings like this and getting the chance to experience it first-hand was an opportunity I was not going to pass up!

While we waited, I noticed people seated in booths and other tables nearby. Everyone seemed to feel just as cozy as we did. After a few moments, I realized a lot of people appeared to be drinking from their own wine bottles. Cups of wine were being enjoyed all around! Turns out this place is BYOB. What more could we have possibly asked for?

I spotted our waitress making her way over with a pie in each hand. If my face didn’t scream eagerness, I don’t know what else could have expressed my level of excitement. As I took my first bite, my taste buds entered pizza nirvana and the rest was history.

The Bike Stop, 148 Boon St., Narragansett, 401-284-1414

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One thought on “Pizza at the Bike Stop Cafe

    This is a cool little spot off the main area in Narragansett. No kids menu, however they do have chicken fingers and fries. There is beer and wine only. We had a special sprocket pizza and they are willing to add things to it that aren t part of the pizza. There are bikes all over the walls and the music is good and not too loud. Definitely will be back..


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