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The Grille on Main

Good fun and great food

By Brooke Amerantes

I absolutely love going to restaurants because it combines two of my favorite things–catching up with friends and eating foods other than Ramen (the joys of being in college). That being said, I didn’t hesitate when my friend recently asked me to go to the Grille on Main in East Greenwich.

phillycheeseWalking into the restaurant, the laid back yet sophisticated atmosphere struck me immediately. It was a Saturday night, and a live band was in the midst of one of the best set lists I’ve ever heard. (But if I’m honest, any band that covers “All Star” by Smash Mouth is doing right by me.) On our way our seats, we walked by a large sign promoting the monthly food challenge. Hungry and brave patrons could order the five-pound Philly cheesesteak, which if they ate in less than twenty minutes would get them a free T-shirt and a gift card to the restaurant.

The rest of the items on the menu were just as impressive, though not quite as big. Everything from the turkey and Brie wrap to the baked chicken mozzarella sounded fantastic, but my friend and I eventually decided to split the roasted eggplant pizza. It certainly did not disappoint. The fresh basil and tomatoes atop the pizza made for a colorful dish, and every bite melted in my mouth.

Halfway through the meal, I noticed a waiter walking our way carrying a large loaf of bread. Though I wasn’t sure why anyone would order that much bread before their dinner, I didn’t think much of it until I watched a second waiter drag a table next to the one I was sitting at. My jaw dropped as the realization of what was happening swept over me. I wasn’t looking at a loaf of bread. I, along with everyone at the tables surrounding me, was looking at a monstrous sixteen inch Philly cheesesteak. Apparently, my friend thought it would be funny to enter me in the food challenge without my knowledge.

While she took enough mercy on me to request that it be delivered quietly instead of announcing it to the entire restaurant like they would typically do, the sheer size of the sandwich combined with my shocked expression and hysterical laughter drew a crowd anyway. The cheesesteak consisted of a mountain of shaved steak piled at least four inches high topped with mushrooms, roasted red peppers, cheddar cheese, pickles and onion strings, adding another three inches to the super sandwich’s height. People laughed and asked to take pictures of the massive meal and one man–who took on food challenges regularly–even asked my opinion on the density of the bread. Thrown off guard by the question, my response was—wait for it—“Um, it’s fluffy?”

After an hour of eating, listening to the band and–of course–posting the whole experience on social media, I left the restaurant carrying a sandwich the size of a three-month-old baby (note to self-don’t try a food challenge after already eating dinner), still laughing with my friend about the affair. It may not have been a normal dining experience, but I certainly enjoyed my time at the Grille and will be going back soon.

The Grille on Main, 50 Main Street, East Greenwich, 401-885-2200,

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