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A Visit to the Skating Rink

An afternoon at the Alex and Ani City Center

By Gabrielle Lafond

Alex-and-Ani-City-CenterI’m the type of person that walks into walls and trips up the stairs, but my lack of coordination didn’t keep me from ice skating when the cold weather arrived here in Rhode Island. Ice skating is a wintertime favorite and people of all ages can enjoy gliding on the smooth ice with friends and family. If you’re like me, you need some time to slowly get used to the feeling of your skates on the ice before you can even consider picking up speed. A few weeks ago, I went skating at the Alex and Ani City Center in Kennedy Plaza in Providence.

It was a chilly day when I went to the rink but I warmed up after a few minutes. I took figure skating lessons when I was nine; however, I quickly realized the skating skills I’d developed as a child were long gone. I fell a lot when I was first learning to skate and some part of my body always hurt when I came to my lessons. After some time, I was able to glide effortlessly on the ice. When I went to the rink in Providence, I was skating horribly, but luckily there weren’t many people there to witness my clumsiness.

The traffic cones on the rink that people can utilize for extra support while they’re skating were very tempting, but I refused to use them and look even more inexperienced. Every few minutes I’d have one of those moments when I’d trip and almost fall flat on my face, my heart dropping into my stomach. But I didn’t fall once. After I got used to the feeling of the ice under my skates, I began to enjoy myself. I liked being able to look up at the tall buildings that surrounded the rink while taking in the hustle and bustle of the city. The sun shining on the rink warmed my face and gave the whole experience a magical feel.

Maybe it’s been years since you last broke out that rusty pair of skates in your basement, but don’t worry. The Alex and Ani City Center rink and most other rinks in Rhode Island allow people to rent skates as well as a locker to keep any belongings in. General admission to the rink is $4 for a child and $7 for an adult. Keep in mind: children under 12 years of age must have an adult with them at the rink.

Alex and Ani City Center, 2 Kennedy Plaza, Providence, 401-331-5544,

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