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Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery

Delicious Desserts in North Smithfield

By Gabrielle Lafond

Perhaps the most popular place in North Smithfield to buy cakes, desserts, milk and more, is at Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery. Established in 1914, Wright’s is family owned and operated, with many additional employees to aid in their effort to provide fresh, delicious food to their customers. Wright’s is particularly unique because the milk they use in their products comes from cows they raise directly on the premises.

People who reside in North Smithfield and those from other towns flock to Wright’s for their signature item: milk. However, with the winter months underway, you might also be interested in their egg nog, which is in season during November and December.

Wright’s recognizes that their cows are important to the success of their business and employees dedicate much of their time to making sure that they are comfortable and content. If you’re an animal lover, take comfort in knowing that at Wright’s, cows are raised solely for their milk and not for veal. Feel free to bring your children to Wright’s between 3-5 p.m. on any day to watch the cows being milked.

Now to the tasty part: pastries and desserts. According to Jen Houde, who works at Wright’s, every customer should try the magic bar, which is her favorite dessert they offer. Jen says a magic bar is a graham cracker crust with sweet and condensed milk and caramel and coconut and chocolate. When asked about the most popular pastry among customers, she tells me many people like their éclairs, which consist of boiled custard inside a shell with frosting on top. If you’re in the mood for something else, Wright’s also offers a large selection of muffins, cream pastries, cookies, individual custard pastries, brownies, flaky deserts, pies, cupcakes, individual cake slices, sweet rolls and buns, fruit pies, etc. Whenever I go to Wright’s I make sure to buy the chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, which are always baked to perfection. From time to time I’ll also indulge in their cheesecakes, which really get those taste buds jumping.

Besides desserts, Wright’s also sells party pizza, a staple in Rhode Island. This pizza is served cold or hot and you can top it with plain sauce, cheese, spinach and cheese, broccoli and cheese, or olives and cheese. Take it from someone who has had the pizza before: it is guaranteed to satisfy. The dough is soft and the toppings are always fresh and delicious—I recommend buying the pizza for any party or event.

There aren’t many bakeries around where customers can see the cows that produce the milk they’re about to buy. That’s just one reason why Wright’s is so unique, in addition to the remarkable quality and selection of items that they offer. Whether you are in the mood for pizza or something sweet, Wright’s is the place to go!

Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery, 200 Woonsocket Hill Rd., North Smithfield, 401-229-4844,

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