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Celebrate National Beer Day Locally

For the smallest state, Rhode Island sure has a big brew scene. From the brewery-littered Blackstone Valley to the brewpubs of Providence, there are plenty of chances to drink locally. And what better excuse than National Beer Day? Check out  these five options for some delicious brews made by bonafide Rhode Islanders:

Ragged Island

Courtesy of John Kiernan

Ragged Island may be the newest brewery to the scene, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Although there’s an ever-changing selection of beers, there are often a couple of IPAs on tap for hopheads. Their TwoTree and TwoTree Mosaic are a couple of the more popular IPAs, with bright citrusy notes and plenty of body. For residents of East Bay, this might be your closest option for local brews. Open Fri. 4-8 p.m. and Sat. 1-6 p.m.


Courtesy of Foolproof’s Facebook

For a brewery that’s embraced its local roots, look no further than Foolproof. With beers with names like  Backyahd, there’s no forgetting Foolproof is Rhody born and bred. They also have a number of other beers with local inspiration, such as the Shuckolate, which incorporates the ever popular oyster into a chocolate stout. On the lighter side of the spectrum, they’ve recently released the Grotto, and IPA with tropical, fruity flavors. Open Thurs.–Fri. 4–7 p.m. and Sat.–Sun. 1–6 p.m.

Trinity Brewhouse

Courtesy of Trinity Brehouse’s Facebook

Probably the most famous brewpub in the state, Trinity Brewhouse has a handful of made-in-house beers on tap in their downstairs bar. Popular with theater-goers (as the name implies Trinity Rep is right next door) and college students, this brewpub has earned its fame for more than just its great downtown location. With rich stouts (How can you go wrong with a name like Darkness?) and extreme IPAs, beer fans of any persuasion will find a fit here. Open Sun.–Thurs.  until 1 a.m. and Fri.–Sat. until 2 a.m.

Revival and Brutopia

Courtesy of Brutopia’s Facebook

Brutopia and Revival offer a double whammy of beer-filled goodness: A brewpub and brewery have combined forces to become a brew-titan. If you’re hungry, sit down at Brutopia, grab some pulled pork nachos and a pitcher of exceptional beers. Revival Brewery crafts a unique selection of beers for Brutopia, however they also offer some of their widely available classics, like the Conga IPA or White Electric Coffee Stout through the brewpub. If you’d like to see how the beer is made, head downstairs (it’s Revival’s headquarters) and sample beers in the midst of their brewing operations. Brutopia open Sun.–Thurs. at 11:30 a.m – 11 p.m and Fri.–Sat. at 11:30 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Tilted Barn Brewery

Courtesy of Tilted Barn’s Facebook

This brewery’s farmside location is no gimmick; Tilted Barn Brewery grows its own hops (and a variety of other ingredients that they add to their brews) on the premises, which might account for why their beers have so much flavor. This is Rhode Island’s first farm brewery, although considering how spectacular the libations, it wouldn’t be surprising if a bevy of other breweries followed their lead. Open Fri. 5-8 p.m. and Sat. 1-4 p.m. Visit

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5 Cozy Taverns for Cold Winter Nights

Baby it’s cold outside and I need… some steaming hot wings and a pint of beer. With the winter upon us, bask in the snug warmth of your nearest tavern.

Tree House Tavern


Courtesy of Tree House Tavern’s Facebook

Alright, so it’s not actually in a tree house (although there is a picturesque one on the premises) but the Tree House Tavern still has a lot going for it, including a menu that is a step above normal pub fare. Sit in front of a crackling wood stove while enjoying a piping hot Rustic French Meat Pie or a Venison Chop drizzled in a cranberry mustard demi-glace. Sip a local microbrew and enjoy the rustic interior, rough wood beams and all. 1094 Centerville Rd., Warwick, 821-1105,

Tavern on Main


Courtesy of Tavern on Main’s Facebook

You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant with as rich a history as the Tavern on Main. First built as a colonial home in the 1700s, it later became the center of violent political upheaval in the 1840s. Rebels trying to overthrow RI’s political elite used the establishment as their headquarters until the state militia fired through the tavern door and took it for themselves. Today, you probably won’t have to deal with musket-bearing militiamen but you will get a chance to sample delicious dishes like their Lazy Man’s Lobster Saute or their Old Fashioned Yankee Pot-roast. 1157 Putnam Pk., Chepachet, 710-9788,

Blackie’s Bull Dog Tavern


Courtesy of Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern’s Facebook

If you’re looking for a gourmet spin on classic bar grub, head over to Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern. The Junkyard Nachos are made from freshly fried tortilla chips topped with homemade salsa, guac, and pulled pork. They have a smoker out back that is loaded up with meaty goodness almost every day. For the booze hound (pun very much intended), they carry a slew of New England brews on draft and a bunch of creative cocktails –their Winter Bonfire is guaranteed to warm you up in this chilly season. 181 George Washington Hwy, Smithfield, 231-4777,

DeWolf Tavern


Courtesy of DeWolf Tavern’s Facebook

Rustic decor meets top-notch food at the DeWolf Tavern. Once a stone warehouse, it was converted into a tavern with a coziness that will make you want to stay for hours. Tree trunk pillars, rough stone walls and wooden beams give it a primitive-but-pleasant vibe. Their head chef Sai Viswanath has traveled the world perfecting his craft, and he serves up meals that are cooked with meticulous attention  to detail. Try one of their seasonal cocktails: Jack Frost, Cranberry Bog, and Spiced Rumkin to name a few. 259 Thames St., Bristol, 254-2005,

Mews Tavern


Courtesy of Mews Tavern’s Facebook

End your quest for a unique bar space here. Mews Tavern has three quirky bars: one is in a room plastered with money, another has a graffiti-covered tree plopped in the middle, and of course there is a rustic Irish pub. For the beer lovers out there, they have a whopping sixty-nine beers on tap; enjoy favorites like a reliable ‘Gansett or experiment with something different with a glass of ominous (but delicious) Monk’s Blood. With their enormous beer list, you could easily forget about food — but you’d be missing out. Feel like trying something different? Slathered in peanut butter, and topped with bacon, cheese and an egg, the Goober burger is just the thing. 456 Main St., Wakefield, 783-9370,

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 8

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Long Live Beerworks

The new kid on the block, Long Live Beerworks has clever beers that are shaking things up. The brews are the creations of head brewer Armando DeDona and the colorful beer labels are designed by his wife, Jessica DeBry.

From the mouth of the brewer, Armando DeDona:

Black Cat, our hoppy pale ale, is our most popular brew to date. It pairs well with duck confit fries from The Slow Rhode. The citrusy, bright flavor of the beer contrasts nicely with the richness of the duck confit. At home, I pair Black Cat with grilled barbecue chicken tacos. The bright citrus of the hops cuts through the sweet barbecue sauce nicely and complements the experience of grilling outdoors (in warmer weather, of course).

Tastings: Wed. and Thu., 4–9 p.m., Fri. 4-10 p.m., Sat., 1–8 p.m. and Sun. 12-4 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Long Live Beerworks' Facebook

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 7

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Grey Sail

Grey Sail Brewing has a committed crew of brewers, “yeast wranglers” and beer aficionados. Their brews range from a classic Pale Ale, The Flying Jenny, to their award winning Flagship Cream Ale. No strangers to getting funky, they also carry an array of seasonal and small-batch brews like their Mary Ann’s Ginger spice ale.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Jennifer Brinton:

Captain’s Daughter Double IPA is our most popular beer. Our pairing would be any seafood dish, especially one with a little spice to it.

Tours and Tastings: Thu. and Fri. from 4–7 p.m., Sat. and Sun. from 1–5 p.m. A pint glass and tasting is $5 per person. Tours are informal.

Photos courtesy of Grey Sail's Facebook
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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 6

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...


Foolproof was the brainchild of home-brewer Nick Garrison and since its inception it has received much acclaim. Funky brews like Peanut Butter Raincloud and Shuckolate have a fevered following, and the brewery hosts an array of fun events like yoga and beer tastings.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Nick Garrison:

Right now, our most popular beer is our Peanut Butter Raincloud Porter, which I recommend pairing with vanilla or peanut butter ice cream. Even better, blend the beer and ice cream together and create your own beer float!

Tours and Tastings: Tours on Sat. at 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. for $10. Participants receive a Foolproof glass, an overview of the brewing process, a tour of the brewery and three beer samples. Tastings on Fri., 5–7 p.m. are also $10 (includes three tastings and a pint glass).

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 5

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Whaler's Brewing Company

Run by three friends who are quite the cast of characters (one describes himself as ‘the sexiest brewer alive’), Whaler’s is a laidback brewery that fits in with its South County setting. Visit to taste the brews on tap, including the heady Wanderer Double IPA with hints of tangerine, citrus, and mango, or the popular East Coast IPA, a floral brew with a smooth hop finish.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Andy Tran:

Our most popular brew is our East Coast IPA being sold in most bars and restaurants in the area. It’s a 6.5 percent single IPA with a malty backbone and complex dark floral aroma, accented with moderate bittering hops. Our general pairing recommendations are piquant, spicy or zesty foods. We have a chicken za’atar recipe that we paired with this beer to great effect.

Tours and Tastings: Thursday: 4-9pm Friday: 4-10pm Saturday: 1-10pm Sunday: 1-7pm

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 4

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Crooked Current

Crooked Current may be the smallest brewery in the smallest state, but it has a lot going for it. Named after the often crooked ways of Rhode Island politicians, they brew beers with fanciful names like “Extortion Eggnog Milk Stout” and “Immorality Pale Ale.” Plus, the flavors are super creative (Neapolitan ice cream flavored ale, anyone?). Visit them in Pawtucket to taste their brews.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Nicole Pelletier:

The Oatmeal Raisin Stout is our most popular beer on tap; it’s designed to taste just like the cookie it’s inspired by. It began as a winter seasonal but was brought back this past July as a year round offering. It is a dry, light bodied stout brewed with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. It is not cloyingly sweet or syrup-like and could be enjoyed paired with something that does have a hint of sweetness — for example: slow cooked barbecue ribs. In fact, reducing the beer and adding it for some extra flavor to a homemade barbecue sauce is also a great idea!

Tastings: Thurs., 5–7 p.m., Fri., 5–8 p.m., Sat., 1–5 p.m. Guests get a brewery pint glass along with three samples for $8.

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 3

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate the coming of fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Tilted Barn

With the large number of craft breweries popping up like hops, it’s a wonder that more don’t grow their own, well, hops. Tilted Barn is one of the few exceptions, a fully functional brewery (in a barn) with hops growing right outside. After scouting out the brewery, relax in a cozy barn with beer in hand, with choices including the popular “The Chosen One” or the resinous “Spruced.”

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Matt Richardson:

Our most popular beer is The Chosen One, our double IPA. This took home a gold medal in the 2015 Great International Beer Competition and usually sells out hours whenever we have it available. At over 8 percent ABV and 80 IBUs, it needs to be paired with food that can match the flavor intensity. My favorite pairings would be a sharp cheddar cheese or a juicy steak.

Tours and Tastings: Fridays from 5-8 and Saturdays from 1-4

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Rhode Island Breweries: Week 2

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate the coming of fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Ravenous Brewing Company

Based in Woonsocket, Ravenous is a nano-brewery that conjures up big flavors. Their artisan, hand-crafted brews are one-of- a-kind and include their Coffee Milk Stout and crisp IPA. Head over on a Thursday for pizza and beer from 4 p.m to 7 p.m.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Dorian Rave:

Our most popular brew is the Coffee Milk Stout. With its strong coffee taste and aroma, it goes great after dinner with an amazing dessert like a flan or Tiramisu.

Tours and Tastings: Sat., 1–4 p.m. Some Thursdays from 4–7 p.m. Tastings/tours include samples of available beers for $3 per person, or $7 to take home a pint glass. Check out their Facebook page before you go.

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Rhode Island Breweries

We're posting a brewery a week to celebrate the coming of fall (and the fact that brewery tours and tastings just seem cozier and more fun when the leaves start to change!).

Today's brewery is...

Bucket Brewery

Bucket Brewery was born of two home-brewers, Erik Aslaksen and Nate Broomfield. After finding access to larger production methods, they realized they were producing more beer than they could drink, and Bucket Brewery was created in 2013. Bucket produces an array of refreshing brews including a zesty cranberry-orange saison and a smoky-sweet maple stout.

From the Mouth of the Brewer, Nate Broomfield:

The most popular brew overall is our Pawtucket Pail Ale (spelling of “pail” is intentional). The hop profile has hints of apricot and tangerine while the malts lend a caramel sweetness. The Pail Ale would most likely go well with just about anything. I’d probably have it with some fried pub food, maybe a burger or wings.

Tours and Tastings: Tours on Sat., 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. Cost is $13 per person and includes a tasting and a pint glass.

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