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Your Guide to College Hill

Feeling nostaglic about your golden years spent in college? Whether you went to PC, RISD, Brown, Johnson and Wales or URI’s Providence campus, an afternoon spent strolling through College Hill’s scenic streets is sure to bring back memories. Even if you didn’t attend one of these fine educational institutions, you still will enjoy a day of rubbing shoulders with Rhode Island’s youth. Whether it be dining or fun, College Hill has it all.

RISD Museum of Art

Courtesy of RISD Muesum’s Facebook

College is all about learning, and what better place to discover more about the world than a museum? Head over to the RISD Museum of Art, which houses a long-term collection containing more than 86,000 works of art. It also has a number of special exhibitions that showcase an array of cultures and media from contemporary clothing to ancient objects.  224 Benefit St., Providence, 401-454-6500,

2nd Time Around

Courtesy of 2nd Time Around’s Instagram

Thrifty college students are always looking for good deals, so why not join them in the hunt? Second Time Around offers top-name brands at affordable prices, and features frequent-buyer cards and online accounts so customers can track their sales in real time. With various locations throughout the Northeast, that frequent-buyer card might (read: definitely will) come in handy. 294 Thayer St., Providence, 401-455-2050,

East Side Pockets

Courtesy of East Side Pocket’s Facebook

East Side Pockets is the quintessential college eatery: cheap, delicious and packed with cozy charm. It’s a place where drowsy college students’ and polished businessmen’s worlds mesh over falafel. And boy is it good falafel. Load your pocket with hummus, tzatziki, turnip pickles and your source of protein, including beef, lamb, chicken or falafel.  278 Thayer St.,  Providence, 401-453-1100,


Avon Cinema

Courtesy of Avon’s Facebook

The Avon Cinema showcases a weekly indie film, which is usually shown at night. Our suggestion? Make an evening of it with dinner and a movie. Before the show, bask in the theater’s classic Art Deco architecture, which dates from its construtciont in 1938. They don’t make movie theaters like this anymore, folks. 260 Thayer St., Providence, 401-421-3315,

Kabob and Curry

Courtesy of Kabob and Curry’s Facebook

College is a chance to have some international experiences, and Kabob and Curry is a perfect opportunity. For dinner (or lunch for that matter), chow down on a lot more than just the title dishes: Try chicken korma, a lamb samosa or a variety of other dishes. Sip an Indian beer, enjoy some great quality food and admire the vibrant decor. 261 Thayer St, Providence, 401-273-8844,

Brown’s Grad Center Bar

Courtesy of Grad Center Bar’s Facebook

Finish off the night in classic college style: at a bar. The Grad Center Bar is open to all Brown students, present or past, but if you’re not lucky enough to call yourself an alum, you can pay a five dollar cover to get in. Enjoy affordable beers and play a game or two of pool. They also have a sizable collection of board games if that’s more your style. 90 Thayer St., Providence, 401-421-0270

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The Basics: For college students and all those new to RI

So, you’re in Rhode Island and you’re great-aunt keeps asking how the weather in Long Island is. What gives? Better get used to it– and welcome to the anomaly that is Rhode Island.

Quick Hits: 

-We are the smallest state, if you didn’t already know

-People south of New York think Rhode Island is an actual island (it’s not, sorry to break it to you).

-We are the Ocean State, so make sure you hit up the beach at some point! Pro tip, the beaches are free in the off-season (i.e. between Labor Day and Memorial Day). Here’s a handy-dandy list of beaches for you to peruse.

We have some iconic/one-of-a-kind/wtf mascots (here’s looking at you, RISD). See the list here.

If you have one Rhody Bucket List, let this be it.

… or if you LOVE food, here’s the perfect Rhody Food Bucket list for you (warning, you will gain the freshman fifteen faster than your professor will assign you homework).

If you follow one Twitter account (besides us, of course…@insidersguideri, hit us up) let it be this one. It’s all (painfully) true.

RI Probz

And last but not least, FYI, Taylor Swift can be periodically spotted in Watch Hill, Rhode Island (note, we are not encouraging stalking her. This guy tried and it didn’t turn out too well for him).


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