Rhody Horror Movies for Friday the 13th

Even the least superstitious may feel a bit nervous on the unluckiest day of the year. With Friday the 13th almost upon us, why not tap into that fear and make some scary movies just a tad more frightening. An added bonus? It’s hard to be at the at the mercy of bad luck when you’re curled up in  the safety of your home watching some horror flicks. Check out some Rhode Island films that were either set or filmed in our little state.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Courtesy of Lippitt House Museum Facebook

Rhode Island is rife with historic homes, from the Newport Mansions and Clouds Hill in Warwick to the Governor Lippitt House in Providence. Perhaps this is why famous writer/director Guillermo del Torro chose to set his film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in a Victorian mansion in Providence county. The movie tells the story of a family that is forced to deal with the malevolent creatures living beneath their newly acquired home. Although it was actually filmed at Drusilla Mansion in Australia, anyone who has wandered some of Rhode Island’s historic homes should quickly recognize the house’s distinctly New England vibe.

Call of Cthulhu

Courtesy of HP Lovecraft Facebook

It’s hard to talk about horror in Rhode Island without mentioning Lovecraft; his gravestone in Swan Point Cemetery even bears the line “I am Providence.” Based on one of his most famous stories, the Call of Cthulhu is appropriately set in Providence, RI. Although made in 2005, the adaptation is a silent film paired with a vintage soundtrack. Follow the protagonist as he investigates a mysterious cult and mind-boggling horrors.


Courtesy of Ladd School Historical Society Facebook

Anyone who has ever visited the Joseph P. Ladd school in Exeter is intimately familiar with how creepy the location is. Once a functioning school for those with developmental and mental disabilities, the facility was abandoned and eventually fell into disrepair. Exeter, which is filmed on location, tells the story of a group of teens exploring the dilapidated structure and dealing with the supernatural forces within.

The Conjuring

Courtesy of Roadtrippers Website

Probably one of the most famous horror movies set in Rhode Island, The Conjuring explores the supposedly true story of a a family living in Burrillville who dealt with paranormal happenings in their home. Although the movie was actually filmed in North Carolina, the current owner of the house has had to handle a slew of movie fans trespassing on the property, calling incessantly and even threatening to destroy the home (it’s full of evil spirits after all). Please leave the investigations to the certified ghost/demon hunters.