Where to Celebrate National Pizza Day

by Chelsea Carney

Pizza is probably one of the greatest things to ever come out of human history. Well, maybe automatic car starters beat it, but pizza comes in a very close second. There are so many different varieties, you’ll get a different experience no matter where you order in from! Pizza makes for a great meal anytime, whether it’s just for lunch or for a holiday. And speaking of holidays…yesterday was National Pizza Day! It’s basically the best day of the year. If you were snowed in yesterday, you can finally head out and find a slice of cheesy goodness.

So in honor of this wonderful day, here are five pizzerias that serve five different kinds of pies; no matter what your favorite style is, you’ll be able to go chow down on a slice today.

Neapolitan – Providence Coal Fired Pizza

Courtesy of Providence Coal Fired Pizza’s Facebook

Neapolitan is a classic, and boy, is this place good. Providence Coal Fired Pizza has a ton of specials that make you want to come back every day, like their Margherita Mondays, where you get a Margherita pizza for half price and a $3 margarita cocktail. How can you beat that? 385 Westminster St., Providence, 401-454-7499; 6105 Post Rd., North Kingstown, 401-885-7499, providencecoalfiredpizza.com

Chicago Deep Dish – Sicilia’s

Courtesy of Sicilia’s Facebook

One word: HUGE. Their Meat Lover’s is stuffed with sausage, pepperoni, beef and bacon: this place does it right. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this dish. Even though the large is only eight slices, it can serve up to five people because it’s so overloaded with toppings. 181 Atwells Ave., Providence, 401-273-9222, siciliasonline.com

Thin Crust – The Pizza Gourmet

Courtesy of the Pizza Gourmet’s Facebook

Thin crust pizzas are perfect if you want a crunch with every single bite. Pizza Gourmet, like a handful of other restaurants in Providence, grills its pizzas in a wood-fired oven. But what makes it unique is that you can customize your pizza anyway you like. Or if you’re feeling like spending a lazy night in, you can order a “take and bake,”pizza that their chefs prepare and you cook at home. 357 Hope St., Providence, 401-751-0355, thepizzagourmetri.com

 Bakery – DePetrillo’s Pizza and Bakery

Courtesy of DePetrillo’s Facebook

If you’re a local, you’ll know exactly what this is. Bakery pizza was probably at every birthday party you’ve ever gone to; we all remember fighting over the corner pieces. Well, the good news is that DePetrillo’s always has personal strips of party pizza available, so if you run out, you can go to one of their five locations for more! 1727 Warwick Ave., Warwick, 401-732-3331, visit depetrillospizza.com for other locations.

New York Style – Nice Slice

Courtesy of Nice Slice’s Facebook

For those who like to fold their slices in half, this is the place for you. Nice Slice offers a variety of pizza choices. You can get a large pizza, or you can just stop in for a slice. From a slice of regular cheese to one of their specialty slices, like the Earth Crisis (spinach, tomatoes, and artichoke heart tomato sauce), the possibilities are endless. 267 Thayer St., Providence, 401- 453-6423, niceslice.cloudaccess.host