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7 Activities to Spring into the Season

By Caitlyn Federico

Spring is finally here! We’ve set our clock forward, seen temperatures break fifty degrees and maybe even driven with the windows down. Not only have we entered the season, but Rhode Island has as well. All across the state, activities of every kind have begun to kick off the start of the season.

Gondola Trips

Courtesy of La Gondola’s Facebook

La Gondola in Providence will open April 1 for its 2017 season. Without even leaving the state, you can experience a little bit of Venice. Whether you want a romantic evening, a night out with friends or just a unique view of the capital city, a ride in these authentic Venetian gondolas should do the trick. 1 Citizens Plaza, Providence, 421-8877,

Ghost Tours of Newport

Courtesy of Ghost Tours Newport’s Facebook

For those who like the spooky, hair-raising, blood-pumping version of fun, the Ghost Tours of Newport are for you. The Olde Town Ghost Tour begins this Saturday, April 1st at 8pm. This lantern-led tour through historic Newport takes you down dimly lit lanes to discover the ghosts and the haunted legends of the city. 25 Americas Cup Avenue, Newport,

Rail Explorers

Courtesy of Rail Explorer’s Facebook

New to Rhode Island, Rail Explorers lets you experience the outdoors in a unusual way. Pedal specially designed ‘carts’, on the railroad tracks along Narragansett Bay. The ‘Northern Ramble’ track takes you by beautiful waterfront estates, the Newport Preservation Society Topiary Gardens and the Audubon Society Nature Preserve. The ‘Southern Circuit,’ starting at Portsmouth Grove Station, is set to open in July. 1 Alexander Rd., Portsmouth, 877-833-8588,

Federal Hill Culinary History Tour

Courtesy of Walter Potenza’s Facebook

For the Italian in all of us, the Federal Hill Culinary History Tour has two tour options that any foodie would love. In the first tour option, Walter Potenza, master chef and historian, will give you a taste of Federal Hill’s history and food. You will learn culinary terminology, product information, how to shop and how to store food. During the tour, you will also be able to meet the people who make Federal Hill’s dining so special . The tour ends with a visit to the Federal Hill Heritage Center Photo Exhibit, which features images of the first Italian Immigration. The second tour option allows you to participate in a hands-on cooking class followed by lunch or dinner. The tour season will begin April 2. 286 Atwells Ave., Providence, 273-2652,

Rustic Tri View Drive-In

Courtesy of Rustic Drive In’s Facebook

Who wouldn’t love to open their trunk, snuggle into some blankets and watch a movie on a giant screen with a little fresh air? There’s no better place to kick back and watch a movie than at the Rustic Tri View Drive-In. This authentic 1950s facility has three screens with two consecutive feature films played on each. Gather a group of friends and, starting in April, watch all the newest films in the comfort of your own car. 1195 Eddie Dowling Hwy., North Smithfield, 484-5452,

C And L Stables in Goddard Park

Courtesy of C and L Stable’s Facebook

C and L Stables offers beachside horseback riding through eighteen miles of scenic trails in Goddard Park. Enjoy views of East Greenwich Bay while you ride. With docile horses and trails for many experience levels, it‘s a comfortable experience for everyone, even beginners. Reservations are not required but are appreciated. 1095 Ives Rd., Warwick, 886-5246,

Warzone Paintball and Airsoft

Courtesy of Warzone’s Facebook

Warzone is Rhode Island’s only outdoor paintball and airsoft field. It is home to more than thirty-five acres of land containing villages, forts, bunkers and trenches. Warzone takes parties, although you can come as an individual and join the fun. All equipment and ammo is provided for you, and there are referees to ensure you’re playing safely and by the rules. 320 Shermantown Road, Saunderstown, 228-6366,

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Escaping the Election: 4 Places to Visit


Whether you've already cast your ballot or you're abstaining from voting entirely (we don't blame you), most people are pretty tired of this election cycle. As the country selects our glorious leader for the next four years, hide out from the political frenzy at one of these prime locations.


Courtesy of Snake Den's Facebok

Snake Den

If you'd like to follow in Thoreau's footsteps and escape to nature, Snake Den is the perfect place. With over a thousand acres of undeveloped forest to explore, you could probably spend the next four years wandering the woods. There's a range of terrain from relatively flat to hilly. If you feel like working off election anxiety, make the climb up to the high trail and bask in the glory of nature from the many scenic overlooks.

2321 Hartford Ave., Johnston,


Courtesy of Eddy Bar's Facebook

The Eddy

It may not be terribly original, but a bit of imbibing can help you forget just about anything, and the Eddy has some of the best drinks around. With warm and fuzzy cocktail names like Bees on Bees on Knees (it tastes great too!), politics should be the last thing on your mind. If mixed drinks aren't your thing, they've got a good selection of craft brews that should do the trick. The best part about the Eddy? There's no TV, so you can drink with your disaffected comrades in peace.

95 Eddy St., Providence, 831-3339,


Courtesy of East Greenwich Library's Facebook

East Greenwich Public Library

There's no better way to forget about the current political imbroglio than by settling down with a good book. Whether it's a cheap thriller or a classic (Machiavelli's The Prince maybe?) there are plenty of books to choose from. The cozy interior of the library, with its rough-hewn stone and dark wood paneling, will make you think you're nestled away in an Old World manor, far removed from American politics.

82 Pierce St., East Greenwich, 884-9510


Courtesy of Roger Williams Botanical Garden's Facebook

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

If it's too cold for an outdoor adventure, you can still get your nature fix by heading to the Roger Williams Botanical Center. It has more than 12,000 square feet of indoor gardens in its toasty-warm greenhouses. With over 150 varieties of flowers, trees, cacti, and tropical plants, there should be plenty to see. The only heated arguments you'll hear will be over which is the most beautiful plant (Only Trumpet flowers will make the garden great again!).

1000 Elmwood Ave., Providence,, 785-9450

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4 Things in RI We Are Excited About This October

1.Three words. Tom’s Bao Bao.

bbqporkbun-21998cadYes, my darlings, the time has come for Tom’s to finally open its doors and serve up steaming buns packed with yummy fillings like curried beef and lobster. We’ll race you to it’s opening on Saturday, October 15 at 10 a.m. Tom’s Bao Bao, 326 Westminster St., Providence. 


2. Haunted everything. 

Courtesy of Factory of Terror Facebook

Courtesy of Factory of Terror Facebook

It’s that wonderful time of year when you have the perfect excuse to cuddle up to a date–it’s the season of haunted everything! From factories of terror to haunted hayrides, trails and mazes, grab your sweetheart and be prepared to clutch their arm in terror.

Here are a few to get your heart pounding:
-Highland Farm’s Trails to Terror,  4235 Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield,
-Field of Screams, 179 Plain Meeting House Rd, West Greenwich,
Factory of Terror, 3 Bridal Ave, West Warwick,

3. Collegiate sports.

Courtesy of Brown Athletic's Facebook

Courtesy of Brown Athletics website

Ah, there’s nothing like decking out in your team’s colors, a hot chocolate clutched in your chilled hands, as you watch college athletes duke it out on the pitch, field or river. Whether you enjoy the sport, the atmosphere, or the athletes in action (the Brown men’s crew is always a sight for sore eyes as they cruise down the Seekonk– we speak from the biased perspective of a 23-year old female), it’s a lovely outing and excuse to re-live your collegiate-days-past.
Some local uni’s with sports to watch:
Brown, URI, RWU, Providence College 

4. Fall beer.

Courtesy of Foolproof Brewery Facebook

Courtesy of Foolproof Brewery Facebook

I don’t know what it is about October and beer, but it’s like they were destined to be synonymous. There’s Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest brews, and of course, the ever controversial pumpkin beer. Why not tap into your wild side (see what we did there? hah!) and try some pumpkin brews, Oktober brews, heck, the plethora of brews from local breweries that keep popping up like candy corn in office bowls before Halloween.

Here are a few local places (and fall-ish brews) to get you started:
Crooked CurrentPlunderdome Pumpkin Maple Ale
Whaler’s Brewing: Hazelnut Stout
]Tilted Barn: jack. Pumpkin Ale

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Picking the Perfect Pumpkin: A Guide

Besides demonstrating our fondness for alliteration, the headline of this blog is also meant to tell you that this is, indeed, the definitive guide to picking the perfect pumpkin. Get your pumpkin picking posse ready…set…go!

by Grace Kelly

Step One: Find a place to pick your pumpkin


This is probably the easiest part of the quest to finding a quality pumpkin; after all, Rhode Island has sooooo many great pumpkin picking patches (gosh we do love all this alliteration) that you can’t go wrong wherever you go. Here are just a few we recommend:

Confreda Greenhouses and Farms: Located in scenic Scituate, Confreda Greenhouses and Farms has plenty of pumpkins for picking, including pumpkins for both carving and eating. Plus, you have to  take a hayride (like, it’s not an option) to pick your pumpkin— how awesome is that? 2150 Scituate Ave., Hope, 827-5000

Schartner Farms: Take the pumpkin express to a field where you can load up on pumpkins, apples and water. Then, after picking your perfect pumpkin, take the hayride back and enjoy curly fries. This could legitimately be heaven. 1 Arnold Place, Exeter, 294-2044,

Escobar’s Highland Farm: For those of us not in West Bay, Escobar’s in Portsmouth is the place to get your pumpkin. Plus, they have a corn maze– just don’t get lost in it before you get your pumpkin! 133 Middle Rd., Portsmouth, 683-1444,

The Barden Family Orchard: At this other Scituate orchard, you can pick your own pumpkin and apples AND they have cider.  56 Elmdale Rd., North Scituate, 934-1413,

Step Two: Gather your pumpkin picking posse (abbreviated Triple P, because it sounds cool)


      (yes those are persimmons but use your imagination)

This is the challenging part. You can’t just ask anyone to pick pumpkins with you; it’s like a sacred right of passage, so treat it as such. We suggest choosing a Triple P (a group of amigos/family/lovers) who possess the following qualities:

  1. Patience: I mean, when you’re deciding whether or not to pick a huge, perfectly round pumpkin or a smaller one with a cool stem and warts, you need a patient friend who won’t judge you as you weigh your options for a good twenty minutes.


2. Pacifist: You don’t want a fellow pumpkin picker who will fight you to the death for your one-of-a-kind pumpkin that looks exactly like Donald Trump’s face. You want a friend who supports you and your decision to buy that pumpkin, and who is fine with picking the one that looks more like Hillary.


3. Punkin: As in, pick someone who you would call your ‘punkin.’ Because when you have a group of punkins picking pumpkins, it’s sure to be a joyous occasion.


Step Three: Assess your needs


What are you picking this pumpkin for? Is it to have the biggest pumpkin in your neighborhood? To make a pie? Or to carve an intricate design that rivals the pumpkins at the Pumpkin Spectacular? You should probably know just what you want to use your pumpkin for so you can plan accordingly.

Step Four: Pick the pumpkin

This is what you’ve come to do, so do it well. When you’ve zeroed in on the pumpkin that is perfect for you, approach it gently and with gratitude. After all, you’ll be ending its life (on the vine) as it knows it. Note: If it is already off the vine, still approach tenderly and with care; be a punkin to your pumpkin! Grasp the stem firmly and twist, and with luck and a few grunts, your pumpkin will be off the vine in no time! Give your pumpkin a small hug, yourself a round of applause, pay for it (we don’t encourage stealing) and carry on your way, towards pumpkin picking greatness. YOU DID IT!!!


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The Basics: For college students and all those new to RI

So, you’re in Rhode Island and you’re great-aunt keeps asking how the weather in Long Island is. What gives? Better get used to it– and welcome to the anomaly that is Rhode Island.

Quick Hits: 

-We are the smallest state, if you didn’t already know

-People south of New York think Rhode Island is an actual island (it’s not, sorry to break it to you).

-We are the Ocean State, so make sure you hit up the beach at some point! Pro tip, the beaches are free in the off-season (i.e. between Labor Day and Memorial Day). Here’s a handy-dandy list of beaches for you to peruse.

We have some iconic/one-of-a-kind/wtf mascots (here’s looking at you, RISD). See the list here.

If you have one Rhody Bucket List, let this be it.

… or if you LOVE food, here’s the perfect Rhody Food Bucket list for you (warning, you will gain the freshman fifteen faster than your professor will assign you homework).

If you follow one Twitter account (besides us, of course…@insidersguideri, hit us up) let it be this one. It’s all (painfully) true.

RI Probz

And last but not least, FYI, Taylor Swift can be periodically spotted in Watch Hill, Rhode Island (note, we are not encouraging stalking her. This guy tried and it didn’t turn out too well for him).


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Exploring Dutch Island

by John Kiernan

Where can you find an ancient curse, piles of sun-bleached bones and ruins abandoned for decades? Well, you don’t have to travel through the deserts of Egypt or the jungles of the Amazon to stumble on these marvels. All it takes is a quick jaunt out into Narragansett Bay and you can experience the
m all in the space of one afternoon. (more…)

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