4 Things in RI We Are Excited About This October

1.Three words. Tom’s Bao Bao.

bbqporkbun-21998cadYes, my darlings, the time has come for Tom’s to finally open its doors and serve up steaming buns packed with yummy fillings like curried beef and lobster. We’ll race you to it’s opening on Saturday, October 15 at 10 a.m. Tom’s Bao Bao, 326 Westminster St., Providence. 


2. Haunted everything. 

Courtesy of Factory of Terror Facebook

Courtesy of Factory of Terror Facebook

It’s that wonderful time of year when you have the perfect excuse to cuddle up to a date–it’s the season of haunted everything! From factories of terror to haunted hayrides, trails and mazes, grab your sweetheart and be prepared to clutch their arm in terror.

Here are a few to get your heart pounding:
-Highland Farm’s Trails to Terror,  4235 Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield, trailstoterror.com
-Field of Screams, 179 Plain Meeting House Rd, West Greenwich, www.hauntedhayride.net
Factory of Terror, 3 Bridal Ave, West Warwick, factoryofterror.com

3. Collegiate sports.

Courtesy of Brown Athletic's Facebook

Courtesy of Brown Athletics website

Ah, there’s nothing like decking out in your team’s colors, a hot chocolate clutched in your chilled hands, as you watch college athletes duke it out on the pitch, field or river. Whether you enjoy the sport, the atmosphere, or the athletes in action (the Brown men’s crew is always a sight for sore eyes as they cruise down the Seekonk– we speak from the biased perspective of a 23-year old female), it’s a lovely outing and excuse to re-live your collegiate-days-past.
Some local uni’s with sports to watch:
Brown, URI, RWU, Providence College 

4. Fall beer.

Courtesy of Foolproof Brewery Facebook

Courtesy of Foolproof Brewery Facebook

I don’t know what it is about October and beer, but it’s like they were destined to be synonymous. There’s Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest brews, and of course, the ever controversial pumpkin beer. Why not tap into your wild side (see what we did there? hah!) and try some pumpkin brews, Oktober brews, heck, the plethora of brews from local breweries that keep popping up like candy corn in office bowls before Halloween.

Here are a few local places (and fall-ish brews) to get you started:
Crooked CurrentPlunderdome Pumpkin Maple Ale
Whaler’s Brewing: Hazelnut Stout
]Tilted Barn: jack. Pumpkin Ale