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The Basics: For college students and all those new to RI

So, you’re in Rhode Island and you’re great-aunt keeps asking how the weather in Long Island is. What gives? Better get used to it– and welcome to the anomaly that is Rhode Island.

Quick Hits: 

-We are the smallest state, if you didn’t already know

-People south of New York think Rhode Island is an actual island (it’s not, sorry to break it to you).

-We are the Ocean State, so make sure you hit up the beach at some point! Pro tip, the beaches are free in the off-season (i.e. between Labor Day and Memorial Day). Here’s a handy-dandy list of beaches for you to peruse.

We have some iconic/one-of-a-kind/wtf mascots (here’s looking at you, RISD). See the list here.

If you have one Rhody Bucket List, let this be it.

… or if you LOVE food, here’s the perfect Rhody Food Bucket list for you (warning, you will gain the freshman fifteen faster than your professor will assign you homework).

If you follow one Twitter account (besides us, of course…@insidersguideri, hit us up) let it be this one. It’s all (painfully) true.

RI Probz

And last but not least, FYI, Taylor Swift can be periodically spotted in Watch Hill, Rhode Island (note, we are not encouraging stalking her. This guy tried and it didn’t turn out too well for him).


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Rhode Islanders in the 2016 Olympics



For  a small state, we sure have a lot of talented athletes heading to Rio this summer to represent the U.S. in the Olympics!

Here’s a roundup of who to watch for when you tune in this August.


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Famous Rhode Islanders: H.P. Lovecraft

Images courtesy of Wikipedia and Pixabay

H.P. Lovecraft's gravestone says it all: I am Providence.

The horror writer's eccentric novels detailing the macabre were birthed in Providence, where the somber Lovecraft was born and raised. Like many artists, his work was considered trivial at the time of its publication, but later garnered a cult following, especially his story the Call of Cthulhu

Rhode Island has proudly embraced Lovecraft as its own, hosting a series of themed activities and festivals such as Necronomicon Providence and H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tours. There's even a Lovecraft themed shop in the Providence Arcade where you can purchase a cuddly stuffed animal version of Cthulhu to snuggle with as you sleep, if that's your idea of comforting. 


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