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Official state flavoring. “Feuhst I tole ‘em, ‘Let’s stop in this stowuh – evvything’s on special.’ He says, ‘What’s that mean?’ I say, ‘On special, on special- evvything’s on special.’ He still doesn’t get it. Fine-lee I say, ‘On sale.’ That he undastands. Then I say, ‘Let’s go to cawfee.’ He says, ‘What’s that?’ I say, ‘To cawfee, to cawfee, – let’s go to cawfee.’ He still doesn’t get it. Fine-lee, I say, “Let’s take a break.’ That he undastands. We get to the cawfee shop, and I say, ‘I think I’ll just have a cawfee milk. You?’ He says – ‘No, I take mine black.’ I don’t think he’s from around heah.”

From The Rhode Island Dictionary by Mark Patinkin, with illustrations by Don Bousquet. 

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