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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Rhode Island Visitors

by Grace Kelly 

So, you’ve planned a trip to lil’ Rhody. Maybe it’s to see the mansions or lounge at the beaches, but no matter, there are a few New Year’s Resolutions you should scribble down before your trip (and yes, we realize this trip probably won’t be until the Coppertone wafts strong and the icy winds dissipate– but it’s never too early to plan ahead, right?).

Resolution 1:

Calamari by stu_spivack

Photo Credit:  stu_spivack, Flickr

Eat squid. Rhode Island harvests 54% of squid in New England, so instead of that fois gras over mesclun greens try a dish with squid, like North’s  version with salt and pepper. Or if you’re feeling a bit less fancy, dig into some truly Rhode Island fried calamari with hot peppers. It is our official state appetizer, after all.

Resolution 2:

Say “wicked” at least once. Not only will we be impressed by your appreciation of one of our favorite modifiers, we will secretly giggle when you use it like this: “Rhode Island is very wicked!” Instead, try “ that wuz wicked ahsum.” There you go, much better.

Resolution 3:

Waterfire by Liz West

Photo Credit: Liz West, Flickr

Go to Waterfire. Yes, if you’re here for our humid summer season, the idea of standing near great balls of fire may not sound very appealing. But when the man with ponytail braid whirls and twirls as he sets the Providence River alight, and the sound of drums and guttural chanting fills the air, the tingle on your arms will make you forget any excessive heat you may feel.

Resolution 4:

John Brown House by Kenneth C. Zirkel

Photo Credit: John Brown House by Kenneth C. Zirkel, Flickr

Walk along Benefit Street. Even if the idea of stumbling along a brick sidewalk doesn’t appeal, this historic street will make it worthwhile. Traipse by cute cafes, quaint colonial houses, and pop into the John Brown ‘house’ (it’s more like a mansion) for a tour.

Resolution 5:

Del's Lemonade by Ericci8996

Photo Credit: Del’s Lemonade by Ericci8996, Wikipedia

Have a Del’s Lemonade (if you haven’t already!). Nothing says Rhode Island like the green and yellow Del’s cup filled with lemon slush. But it’s no ordinary lemon slush. Perfectly smooth, truly lemony, and with bits of lemon rind for a nice bitter surprise (you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I happen to be a lemon rind lover), Del’s never disappoints. Ever. Just don’t make the rookie mistake of using the straw proffered to you at the counter. A true Rhode Islander performs the squish and slurp as he guzzles his Del’s– learn to love it.

Resolution 6:

(Last one, I promise!) See a Pawsox Game. Not only will you get to meet the cute mascot, Paws, but low admission and the heartily American pleasure of downing a hot dog (and maybe a beer, or two) makes a fun day for anyone and everyone.

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