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The Best Iced Coffee in Rhode Island

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We Rhode Islanders are addicted to iced coffee. Admit it. We are all guilty of having sweating plastic cups sitting in our cars, on our desks, in our hands.

Iced coffee is like your favorite pillow; it will always be there for you, even in the dead of winter when you really shouldn’t be imbibing anything with ice in it.

To celebrate iced coffee (and no, it’s not national iced coffee day, but who needs a reason to celebrate anything?) we asked some of the finest iced coffee connoisseurs we know (the lovely staff at Rhode Island Monthly) what their fave iced coffee beverages are and where they get them.

  1. Kaitlyn Murray, editorial assistant, unabashed DD connoisseur

Favorite Iced Coffee: French vanilla iced coffee, one cream, one sugar (I have to be very specific because where I go, plain old “cream and sugar” equals no less than three creams and three sugars… I need at least a little bit of bitter in my cup of Joe!)

Where to get it: Go ahead and grab your pitchforks folks – I run on Dunkin.

Note to the editor: Ask this again come wintertime and I’ll have a better (read: non-national chain related) answer for my top hot coffees  😉

 Why it’s the best: Okay, I don’t know if I can say it’s actually ~the best~ as I haven’t had the chance to try too many local ice coffees, but it is pretty darn convenient. I can find Dunkin anywhere and everywhere in Rhode Island (fun fact: we have more DD shops per capita than any other state) — there’s  even one right across the street from our building! I love that I can stumble in half awake at 8:30 AM (…or 2:30 PM) and the lovely employees there already have my order ready by the time I make it to the register (yes, I go that often). Plus, they have that whole DD Perks app  which gets you a free coffee or Donut every once in a while. I know, I know, I’m a total slave to the establishment, but if I’m being honest, I’m really not all that sorry about it.

3. Samantha Eckel, marketing manager, likes getting a hit from espresso

Favorite Iced Coffee: My current favorite has got to be an iced red eye!

Where to get it: While you can find this refreshing jolt at most coffee shops, I love getting it at Seven Stars Bakery on Hope Street in Providence.  

Why it’s the best: The extra shot of espresso in an iced coffee makes ALL the difference! I live on the East Side, so on the mornings when time is on my side, I love to pop down to Seven Stars to grab one on the way to work. I think their coffee blends perfectly with that extra shot!

4. Sarah Francis, editor, lover of EG, unabashed Starbucks groupie 

Favorite Iced Coffee: This is like picking your favorite child, but here goes: Iced Coffee (we’re talking the basics here) and a Skinny Iced Mocha.

Where to get it: Iced Coffee, The Nook Coffee House; Skinny Iced Mocha … (I’m not ashamed to say it)… at Starbucks.

Why they’re the best: The Nook’s iced coffee revs me up, chills me down and keeps me going.  Plus it’s a cute location in the middle of downtown East Greenwich, and a great place to people watch. The skinny iced mocha makes me feel I’m having a treat, and sates my desire for a chocolate fix.

5. Jamie Coelho, associate editor, nitro is the way to go

Favorite Iced Coffee: Cold Brew Nitro Pour

Where to get it: The Shop at Fox Point

Why it’s the best: I have to limit my coffee intake to one cup per day, due to pregnancy, so I better make it one damn good cup of coffee! The Shop takes Stumptown beans and cold-brews them for eighteen hours, and the result is put under nitrogen in a keg to keep out oxygen and preserve flavor. The Shop won our 2015 Best of Rhode Island award for iced coffee, and it’s still going strong with one very potent and flavorful brew.

6. Cathrine Nelson, marketing assistant/ social media coordinator, basics can sometimes be the best 

Favorite Iced Coffee: Anything from Vanuatu Coffee Roasters (specifically their white chocolate iced coffee) and a regular iced coffee from Seven Stars Bakery on Broadway

Where to get it: Vanuatu Coffee Roasters and Seven Stars Bakery on Broadway

Why it’s (or in my case, they’re) the best: Vanuatu has mastered the art of a flavored iced coffee. No matter the flavor I have tried from there they have never disappointed me. However, when I really just need a tasty pick-me-up Seven Stars Bakery always brightens my morning with a regular iced coffee. Call me basic if you must but you will never have a frown on your face with an iced coffee in one hand and a ham and cheese quiche in the other. Seven Stars is a normal weekly stop for me.

7. Grace Kelly, editorial assistant, torn between being a hipster and satiating her caramel macchiato cravings 

Favorite Iced Coffee: Tie between The Rhody and (dare I say it) an Iced Caramel Macchiato

Where to get it: The Rhody, Vanuatu Coffee Roasters. Iced Caramel Macchiato,…. (God, do I have to say it)….Starbucks…

Why it’s (or in my case, they’re) the best: The Rhody is like drinking coffee milk with eight shots of espresso. One sip and I can already feel the sluggish cogs and spokes in my brain start overheating. As for the Starbuck’s caramel macchiato, well, it’s the best because even though I am a self-proclaimed anti-establishmentarian, I still have a soft spot for the establishment, particularly a blend of espresso shots,  cream and extra caramel drizzle (yep, extra caramel… had to get that off my chest).”

Aaaaand last but not least, Debra Lamp, who kept it short, sweet and to the point, like her favorite iced coffee.

Debra Lamp, Production Designer

The Coffee Exchange on Wickenden Street. Mocha Blanca iced is incredible!


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