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Fish and Chips: Your Picks

We took a handful of your favorite places for fish and chips and sifted through them for the most popular. The pattern: it seems pizzerias often make some mean seafood. Who knew? Anyways, here are ten of the best fish-and-chipperies according to you:

Arcadia Pizza

Courtesy of Arcadia Pizza’s Facebook

Served only on Fridays, Arcadia’s fish are guaranteed fresh. You can also try some of their tasty pizzas: Try the prosciutto and arugula.

George’s of Galilee

Courtesy of George’s of Galilee’s Facebook

With fresh native flounder (or haddock if you’d prefer), these fish and chips are prepared with traditional English batter.

Lil and Gene’s Restaurant

Courtesy of Lil and Gene’s Facebook

This restaurant has been in the family for three generations, and it seems that the ol’ family recipe for F n’ C is a good one.

Uncle Tony’s Pizza and Pasta

Courtesy of Uncle Tony’s Facebook

Uncle Tony knows how to make a lot more than just Italian carbs. Grab some pasta to go with your favorite Friday flounder.

Dave’s Marketplace

Courtesy of Dave’s Marketplace’s Facebook

Tasty pizza, fresh sushi and apparently some great fried fish: Food from the supermarket never tasted so good.

Little Country Pizza

Courtesy of Little Country Pizza’s Facebook

Pizza and fish and chips: Who could ask for more? If you’d like a double dose of fish, grab an anchovy and olive pizza too.

Western Hotel and Pizza

Courtesy of the Western Hotel’s Facebook

This local hotspot, nestled away in the state’s northwestern corner, is known for its pizza, but it has also got some terrific seafood.

Tilted Tavern in Glocester

Courtesy of the Tilted Tavern’s Facebook

Located across from the picturesque Bowdish Reservoir, this eatery serves up American favorites, from burgers to sandwiches.

Anthony’s Seafood

Courtesy of Anthony’s Seafood’s Facebook

Get your meal as a flounder or cod (or even try both). They also sell fresh, local seafood if you’d like to cook your own.

Two Little Fish

Courtesy of Two Little Fish’s Facebook

Just steps away from Misquamicut Beach, this seafood shack is great for warm sunny days. If you find yourself at the beach, grab a bite here.



3 thoughts on “Fish and Chips: Your Picks
  1. Al

    Remembering Horton’s Seafood in East Providence as the best in RI. Sad how that all ended leaving their customers with just fond memories.

  2. Dennis Vandal

    You left Ye Olde English F&C of Woonsocket off the list???? Hahaha…Your credibility is toast! No excuses!!


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