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Get in the Fall Frame of Mind with these Five Activities

It's September 9th! Which means it's ALMOST FALLLLLL.

Well, technically speaking it's actually still summer and there are a few weeks until fall officially begins, but why spoil our fun?

To makes sure you get your complete fix of all that is orange and smells like cinnamon, here are five autumnal things to do in the Ocean State. 

  • Get a pumpkin spice latte. Yes. You heard us. It's like a right of initiation for autumn-o-philes. And if you're too cool for Starbucks, get one at Dave's Coffee or Small Point Cafe.

  • Pick a damn pumpkin. If you're gonna eat, drink and sleep pumpkin flavor, best to get familiar with the actual fruit of the vine; gives you some street cred. These local farms have plenty for you to get your coffee-stained hands on.

  • Buy a cozy sweater (perhaps something like this cute golden number from Queen of Hearts), throw on some leggings and carry a small notepad around, jotting down poetry about the falling leaves, crisp fall air and plethora of flannel being worn. Carry a PSL in hand for an extra touch.

  • Drink pumpkin beer. We know it has a bad rap, but there's gotta be at least ONE good pumpkin beer that doesn't taste like you just attempted the cinnamon challenge (Ed. note: DO NOT ATTEMPT THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE). Get some tasty options here, here and here.

  • Walk down Benefit Street, Main street in EG, or take the fall train tour from Blackstone Valley to Putnam, CT and back. They don't call New England leaf peeping territory for nothing! (for those of you who don't know what leaf peeping is, read this. It's not dirty, we swear.)

Happy (almost) Fall!

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