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Going Beyond Beer

Last night, Rhode Island Monthly hosted it’s first 401 Insider’s Club event. The staffs of RI Monthly and Bucket Brewery, along with lucky guests, had a fun-filled evening sipping  fine beers and enjoying Citizen Wing’s spicy-but-oh-so-good food. If you missed out on last night’s festivities, worry not! There are plenty of other recreational activities to be had at breweries across the state. From yoga to trivia, many breweries offer a whole lot more than beer.

Stretch it Out

Courtesy of Bucket’s Facebook

You might not think that yoga and beer go together, but it’s actually a spectacular combination. Loosen up with some yoga and then loosen up even more with a delicious pint of craft beer. A number of breweries offer yoga, including Whalers and Bucket.,

Movie Night

Courtesy of Bucket’s Facebook

What goes better with a movie than a pint of beer? Bucket Brewery hosts movie screenings every Thursday night, with films like The Big LebowskiGremlins and The Empire Strikes Back. Watching a creepy horror movie? Try Bucket’s “Black Goat of the Woods,” a dark milk stout with an ominous name. Is a classic baseball movie on the screen? Try their “33rd Inning Red Rye Lager,” a light and flavorful libation.

Bach and Beer

Courtesy of Foolproof’s Facebook

Who says beer isn’t sophisticated? At Foolproof, they’re combining one of classical music’s greatest composers with their tasty refreshements. Cellist Steuart Pincombe will play some of Bach’s cello suites while guests can enjoy three different brews, each paired with a particular suite. Both Pincombe and the brewers will explain their craft and its impact.

On the Run

Courtesy of Bucket’s Facebook

Beer has a whole lotta calories.  Depressing, I know, but that’s why it tastes so good. If you’re developing a bit of a dad bod (beer gut and all), and you’d like to do something about it, go for a run! Several breweries offer a chance to burn off those brews. Bucket has a group run every Saturday where participants go for a morning jog followed by an hour of socializing (and drinking) at the brewery. Foolproof is hosting a “Fool’s Mile” race for competitive beer fans.

Get Your Facts Straight

Courtesy of Geeks Who Drink’s Facebook

If you’re studying encyclopedias when not guzzling beer, considering heading to Brutopia for their Tuesday night trivia. The event, hosted by Geeks who Drink, starts at 7:00 pm and is open to all. Who knew you could drink  beer and get smarter at the same time?

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