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Providence’s top songs according to Spotify

by Grace Kelly

While perusing Spotify and stumbling upon their “Musical Map,” I was delighted to see Providence actually on the map. “Wow,” I thought, “We aren’t a completely obscure and unknown state and city in the eyes of the world!”

But then I clicked the little green dot hovering above our Capital City, and clicked the link that benignly said, “The Sound of Providence.”

Ooooooh, this is gonna be good.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.47.29 AM

The playlist popped up and our top song was…Relaxed Focus, study piano music.


I mean, I know we have a ton of smarty-pants in our state and city, what with all the universities nearby, but were Brown and JWU students really jamming out to relaxed focus piano music on a daily basis?

I scrolled to see the second most popular song.

Overture No. 5.

Number 3, Time Will Come (peaceful piano), number 4, The Little Story (peaceful piano).

This can’t be right. Either there was a massive mistake or Rhode Islanders are more sophisticated than I thought.

Scanning the page, I noticed the culprit of our sudden interest in peaceful piano tunes.

Yes, this was the “Sound of Providence,” but tucked below it was an important detail that Spotify should have fact-checked when they put the little green dot over Providence, Rhode Island.

spotify providence list

Providence, Rhode Island is nowhere near Providence, Utah.

Yet our playlist, our musical identity, the little green dot hovering over Providence, Rhode Island on Spotify’s map is defined not by OUR musical taste, but by a tiny city of the same name in Utah.

I guess we will always be misunderstood in the eyes of the wider world, asked if we are an island off the coast of Florida, or if our capital city is indeed actually in Utah.


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