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Rhode Island Tattoos

By Chelsea Carney

Everyone from Rhode Island has a love/hate relationship with the state. We all want to move out at some point in our lives…but if we do, we end up moving back within a few years. It’s understandable; Lil’ Rhody is pretty cool when you think about it. If you’re a tattoo fanatic and want to show your love for our state, we’ve come up with a few RI-inspired ideas.



Courtesy of Providence Tattoo’s Facebook

Because the state is right next to the ocean, there’s a good chance you’ve gone sailing while you’ve lived here. It also means you probably have a love for the ocean. Having a small sailboat tattoo is a great way to pay tribute to your roots while still showcasing something you love.


An anchor

Courtesy of Providence Tattoo’s Facebook

This is the most common RI-themed tattoo on this list. With an anchor on our state flag, everyone knows Rhode Island and anchors go together like clam cakes and chowder. These tattoos can range from big to small and look great in any location (maybe not your forehead, though). And if you want to spice it up, add a rope in the shape of an infinity sign. It shows that no matter where you go, Rhode Island will forever be your home.



Courtesy of Buzzfeed’s Website

Ah, the good ol’ four-oh-one. It’s the only area code in the state, and we all know someone that says “back in the 401” every single time they come back home. So if you’re that person, this would be a perfect tattoo for you.


Courtesy of Providence Tattoo’s Facebook

Rhode Island is known for having almost two dozen lighthouses, including the third-oldest lighthouse in the country. Since we are so close to the ocean, these are popular tattoos for fishermen and sailors. For the metaphorically minded, these tattoos can symbolize protection, safety and guidance.


The shape of the state

Courtesy of PopSugar’s website

A tattoo in the shape of the state is a genius way to incorporate everything you love about Lil’ Rhody into one stylish design. You can fill it in with anything you want (like a lighthouse or a silhouette of the Jamestown or Newport bridge) or you could leave it as a blank outline. The possibilities are endless with this tattoo, but it will surely show your home-state pride.


State flag

Courtesy of Black Lotus Tattoo’s Website

If you want to go all out and are a die-hard Rhode Island-lover, then consider a tattoo of Lil’ Rhody’s state flag. Keep it simple with a black outline or add the colors of the flag. The stars, anchor, and motto ‘hope’ will forever be a reminder of your home state.


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